Focus Group Data Science / Artificial Intelligence: "Project Scoping"

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18:00 - 20:00

Gutenberg Digital Hub

The focus group „Data Science“ is the longest running focus group at the Gutenberg Digital Hub. We share stories, thoughts and trends arround data analytics.

In the March session we collect project ideas and selected two ideas:

  • Environmental Project CO2 Nox Data Mainz GDH, Mainz MPI Environmental Research (6 votes)
  • Smart Box / Sensor Box / e.g. accident or shot detection (measurement and recording of passenger flows (5 votes)

In the April session we plan to bring the idea of a joint project to a next level. This process will follow (more or less) the logic of

  1. Collect input like thougths on ideas how to connect the ideas, on related technical options and on other existing tech/ projects/ research
  2. Reflect potential directions/ aims/ goals
  3. Agree on the one or two most promising ideas
  4. Detail those ideas, especially on the very next steps
  5. See, who wants to join which project, and decide, if we want to do one, two or none of the discussed ideas
  6. Commit on the steps until the next meeting

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What is a focus group at the Gutenberg Digital Hub?

Focus groups meet regularly on a specific topic. It brings together employees of hub members and guests. Anyone can start a group with the hub team. Each group chooses a focus group leader and deputy leader from its own circle. The leadership has a coordinating role and serves primarily as a point of contact for interested parties. After one year the leadership and the deputy will change. The focus groups set their own priorities and objectives for further exchange.